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Family’s ‘Organised Shoplifting Spree’

A grandmother and her two granddaughters have been given suspended sentences for an ‘organised shoplifting spree’.

Sentencing the trio, District Judge Barney McElholm said this was an ‘organised shop lifting ring’ and to suggest otherwise ‘was an insult to everyone’s intelligence’.

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Postman Sold Stolen Parcels Online

A postman has been jailed for stealing hundreds of packages containing valuables and then making £15,500 by selling them online.

Andrew Barratt, took an estimated 400 items such as satnavs, digital cameras and computer games which his wife, Michelle, then auctioned on ebay

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Shoplifting ‘Not Taken Seriously’

Sky News reports that businesses complain theft from their shops is viewed as a “victimless” crime by police.

Whilst a survey shows a 36% rise in the money lost in shop thefts – the highest figure for a decade – most shoplifting goes unreported because shopkeepers do not believe the police will respond.

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Aristocrat Impersonator Jailed

A man who passed himself off as an aristocrat to steal over £115k from antiques dealer HW Harvey has been jailed.

His employer was approached by “His Serene Highness Prince Oliver von Mecklenburg-Schwerin” who had an “impeccable CV” including work at Blenheim Palace.

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Tesco Security Tags Energy Drinks

Some retailers are slapping security tags on energy drinks. Tesco has reportedly tagged £1.46 cans of Monster Ripper, after a spate of thefts.

One retail source said: “Tagging is going through the roof to keep pace with thefts. Some supermarkets have them on sandwiches and Pot Noodles.”

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Shoplifter Gave CV To Supermarket

The Telegraph reports that a man who handed his CV into a supermarket looking for a job was caught shoplifting on the way out.

Luke Scott, 29, walked into a branch of Asda in South Shields, gave his resume to staff then picked up an electric shaver and hid it under his coat as left.

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