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Energy Worker Stole £70k

According to the ITV News website, an employee of energy company E.ON stole £70,000 and sent it to her friends and family.

Gina Rani used her position as a customer service advisor to facilitate a number of false refunds totalling £69,844, some of which was then paid directly to her.

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Shoplifting Viewed As Organised Crime

According to the BBC News website, shoplifting will be targeted like organised crime as part of a plan to help police to crack down on theft.

Specialist analysts and officers will join forces to gather intelligence on crime gangs behind much of the shoplifting across England and Wales.

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Financial Controller Stole £3million

A financial controller stole more than £3 million from his employer, resulting in the loss of dozens of jobs when the firm went into administration.

Rhys Jackson – jailed for nine years – also fraudulently claimed for three government-backed Covid-19 bounce back loans, receiving £150,000.

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‘NikTok’: The New High Street Scourge

According to an investigation published on The Sun website, some TikTok accounts are dedicated specifically to the theft of high value cosmetics.

Dubbed ‘NikTok’, one user account’s video scored a British supermarket chain 10/10 for shoplifting opportunities, claiming its make-up aisle “doesn’t even have cameras”.

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Patisserie Valerie Boss Accused Of Fraud

According to the This Is Money website, Patisserie Valerie’s CFO has been charged with a multi-million pound fraud which resulted in the collapse of the chain.

Christopher Marsh – and his wife Louise – are accused of ‘inflating’ figures in the bakery chain’s annual accounts for three years, from October 2015.

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Serial Thieves May Not Face Jury Trial

The Sun website reports that ministers are considering removing serial shoplifters’ right to a jury trial under a possible crackdown to clear the backlog in courts.

Prolific offenders should be dealt with swiftly by magistrates handing out sentences, freeing the crown courts to hear more important cases.

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