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Dental Nurse’s £60,000 Fraud

As reported on the Wales Online website, a dental nurse used fake patient names to defraud her employer of more than £60,000.

Jennifer Locke used ‘sophisticated’ methods at BUPA surgeries, and made almost 100 false refund transactions directly into her own bank account.

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Universal Credit To Blame For Thieving Spree

Two sisters stole hundreds of pounds of goods from shops in a retail centre to pay their bills.

A court heard that Kasie Jade McGailey and Tabitha Aimme McGailey’s offences were made out of ‘sheer desperation’ and came about after the Government’s axing of the Universal Credit uplift.

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Shop Worker Stole Perfume Worth £6.5k

As reported on the Telegraph & Argus website, an employee of a Bradford branch of The Fragrance Shop stole perfumes worth almost £6,500.

Mewishi Aslam – who received a suspended 12-week jail sentence – stole the high value products over a 15-month period, in a clear breach of employer trust.

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Charity Fraudster Stole £145,000

As reported on the Civil Society News website, an employee of an East Midlands charitystole £145k of the organisation’s funds to pay for lavish holidays, electricals and days out.

Dawn Franklin used fake receipts, false invoices and overcharged local authorities to compensate for the money she had stolen.

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Finance Manager Stole £80,000

Sheffield’s The Star website reports that a finance manager transferred tens of thousands of pounds from her employer’s coffers into her own account.

In just over two years, Zoe Guest, logged into accounts and created fake sales invoices, before moving funds from True Life Ltd into an account in her and her partner’s names.

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Paint Thief Spent Cash On Drugs

The Northwich Guardian website reports that a man has been jailed after selling £40,000-worth of paint stolen from his employer, spending his ill-gotten gains on drink, drugs and prostitutes.

George Smith covered his deceit by adjusting computer stock records, but was eventually rumbled by a finance director carrying out an audit.

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