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Bank Worker In Impersonation Scam

A 24-year-old bank worker took part in a “sophisticated fraud” which saw scammers steal millions of pounds from rich customers using a string of impersonators.

Molly Jones scoured computer systems at Lloyds Bank for rarely-accessed accounts holding large sums of money before passing the details to a criminal gang.

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Council Worker Jailed For Third Time

As reported on the Boston Standard website, a gambling addict stole over £38,000 from his employers, Lincolnshire County Council, despite having served two jail terms for theft and tax evasion.

Darren Challis was jailed for 18 months in 2013 after he stole over £47,000 from a Lincoln-based firm.

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Jail For Selling Counterfeit Shirts

The South Wales Argus reports that a man was jailed for six months for selling counterfeit shirts bearing the logos of football clubs as well as rock and pop bands.

Andrew Jones and his wife, Jayne, sold items from their home via two eBay accounts, generating almost £160,000 in trade over a three-year period.

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Pharmacist Sold Stolen Drugs

The Ilford Recorder reports that a pharmacist stole almost £5,000 worth of prescription drugs from pharmacies in Havering and Dagenham, which he then sold on the street.

Niren Patel was investigated after his employer – Day Lewis Pharmacy – made a report of theft to the police and it was revealed that he had been creating fraudulent orders for almost £5,000 worth of prescription medicine and claiming the drugs himself.

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Man Stole When Told ‘Shoplifting Was Easy’

The Swindon Advertiser reports that a serial shoplifter told police that he stole from a convenience store because a man had told him shoplifting was easy.

Marc Kevin Houston had 26 previous convictions – almost all of them for shoplifting – stole meat and cheese from a One Stop Shop in Pinehurst.

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New Self-Service Machines To ‘Guilt’ Shoplifters

As reported on the Mail Online website, Australian self-service checkouts may soon offer ‘human conversation’ in a move to combat shoplifting in supermarkets.

Researchers from Queensland’s Univeristy of Technology believe the machines may soon offer personal greetings and friendly comments to guilt shoplifters out of stealing.

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