Monthly Archives: May 2015

MD Stole & Sold Own Goods On Ebay

The Daily Record reports that a Managing Director stole goods from his own company – valued at almost £200k – and sold them on ebay.

The owners of Aero Leather Clothing Ltd discovered William Lauder had been selling factory products on the online auction site to the value of £195,000.

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Shoplifting Affects Us All

An opinion piece in Sheffield’s The Star reaffirms the scale of shoplifting and states that, like the vast majority of crime, the crime is a selfish act which benefits the thief and punishes the rest of us. Shoplifters in the area committed 10,345 offences last year, new figures reveal.

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Shoplifter Wore Personalised Man U Shirt

Metro has a report of an idiotic shoplifter who was caught after stealing more than £100 of goods from Tesco while wearing a Manchester United shirt with his own name printed on the back.

Paul Robert Benson was caught on CCTV stealing £104.54 worth of produce from a Tesco supermarket in Belfast.

But he clearly forgot he was wearing a Manchester United shirt with ‘Benson 22′ printed on the back of it.

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