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80% Of Workers Admit To Lying on CVs

The Irish Mirror reports that more than four-fifths of Irish workers have admitted to lying on their CV in order to land a job. A survey found staff don’t mind bending the truth, with 81% fibbing about qualifications, whilst 76% of employees said they embellished their expertise during an interview.

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Man Changes Name To Avoid CR Action

A shopkeeper who awarded himself a £20,000 refund by reversing debit payments made to a newspaper supplier has been jailed. The Coventry Observer reports that the man changed his name to dodge civil recovery action and managed to evade capture for more than two years.

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Pair Sold Stolen Goods On Gumtree

The Mouth Of The Tyne reports that two North Shields brothers have been jailed for selling stolen goods valued at more than £38,000 on the website Gumtree.

The case came about following a long-running investigation led by police from the North Shields Neighbourhood Policing Team.

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Food Is Biggest Target For Shoplifters

BBC News reports that food is the biggest target for shoplifters in Wales, with Asda in Wrexham recording the highest level of shoplifting of any store over the past three years. Shoplifting in north Wales has increased by 21.7% compared with last year, according to North Wales’ Police and Crime Commissioner

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Stolen Medical Supplies Sold on eBay By Unhappy Employee

According to the North Devon Journal, a disgruntled employee took revenge on his bosses by stealing £20,000 of medical supplies and sold them on eBay.

Graham Rust had worked at the same firm for 24 years but felt his efforts were not recognised by his employers

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23 Years Jail Time For eBay Gang

A group of family members and friends from Hampshire have been jailed for more than 23 years for the conspiracy to steal £110,000 worth of items from DIY stores and selling them on eBay. Masterminded and led by George Mason, the ten-month plot saw B&Q and Homebase stores targeted

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