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Trio Jailed For £7.5k Booze Thefts

According to the Chester Standard website, two men and a woman stole £7,500 worth of booze from supermarkets across Chester and Northwich.

Elena Marin, Florin Marin and Marian Mitica – all jailed for nine months – stole the alcohol during a shoplifting spree in branches of Waitrose and Tesco.

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Thief Stole Gaviscon For Parents

According to the Lancashire Telegraph website, a Romanian shoplifter stole 17 boxes of Gaviscon and 34 boxes of Fixodent to send to his parents, because the products were expensive in his home country.

Adrian Mihai was in Blackburn looking for work but took the opportunity to steal from Morrisons.

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Wife Unaware Of Husband’s £1.5m Theft

According to the Leicestershire Live website, a wife has claimed she had no idea that her husband stole nearly £1.5 million from two employers.

Sofina Sarwar’s husband, Haroon Cassim, used bogus invoices from fake businesses to transfer hundreds of thousands of pounds into two of her accounts.

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Worker Stole Motocross Bikes

The Northern Echo website reports that an employee of a motorcycle supplier who was asked to deliver three motocross bikes – worth £3,000 each – failed to do so, selling them instead, to pay off a drug debt.

Kyle Goulding was employed and trusted by Callum Wood, despite having a previous criminal history for theft.

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John Lewis Salesman Lied On CV

According to the Northamptonshire Telegraph website, the former CEO of a trust which ran nine county schools made ‘more than one substantial false claim’ on his CV.

Johnson Kane’s resumé showed that he had been invited to join the board of BAA, had run a venture capital bank and was high up in John Lewis.

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NHS Boss Committed CV Fraud

The Personnel Today website reports that a senior NHS boss gained his job by falsely stating he had a degree.

Peter Knight – who was paid up to £135,000 in 2017-18 – was reported via an anonymous tip-off to the NHS trust’s CFO and it was subsequently found that he did not have the classics degree he had declared on his CV.

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