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Trainee Accountant Stole £38,000

As reported in the Helensburgh Advertiser, a trainee accountant stole more than £38,000 from her employers in Glasgow, despite having a previous conviction for a similar offence.

Kirstie Donovan made a number of payments totalling £38,055 from the company, Fidelite Credit Management, into her own account.

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Shoplifters ‘Not Being Pursued’

BBC News reports that retailers are warning that a sharp rise in shoplifting is being fuelled partly by police forces not investigating the theft of items worth less than £200.

Persistent offenders are apparently exploiting a change in the law that allows for more minor cases to be dealt with by post.

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Woman Took Child Shoplifting

The Bristol Post reports that a woman took an 11-year-old child with her on a shoplifting trip.

CCTV cameras picked up the girl running out of a JD Sports branch with clothes worth £416, and police later located the youngster with Charlotte Cassidy by a BMW car, containing the stolen goods.

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Sacked Driver Continued To Steal

Chester’s The Standard reports that a delivery driver has been jailed for using his old uniform as cover to steal parcels.
Kristian Fryer had been fired for stealing parcels whilst he was working for Yodel, but went to stores dressed as an employee and staff handed over packages, unaware he had been sacked.

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Bank Manager Stole £234k To Pay Blackmailer

Lincolnshire Live reports that a bank manager stole almost quarter of a million pounds from her employer, Halifax Bank, by taking cash held within the branch, pocketing money from cash machines and forging signatures, after being approached by a blackmailer who was making threats against another person.

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Fraudster Lied On CV To Bag £120k Job

As reported in The Sun, a fraudster who lied on his CV to land a £120,000-a-year job as an oil executive has been jailed.

David Scott said he had three degrees and had written an academic paper, but, in fact, he had no degree and the paper was penned by an American professor with the same name.

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