Charity Boss Stole Over £700k

Friday, 25th May 2018 at 4:02pm

According to the BBC News website, the former boss of a branch of Age Concern defrauded the charity out of more than £700,000.

John Briers who was chief executive of its South Tyneside office used fake invoices and banked unauthorised bonus payments over an eight-year period.

A court heard that Briers paid 60 fraudulent cheques amounting to £433,236 into his bank account, as well as awarding himself £105,560 in 12 unauthorised bonuses, and £169,703 through 19 unauthorised top-ups to his pension.

A spokesman for Age Concern that the charity had lost £250,000 in donations, elderly users of the service have been caused worry about whether it could continue its work and six staff have been made redundant.

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