Pub Manager Jailed For £33k Fraud

Friday, 17th March 2017 at 9:16am

According to the Droitwich Advertiser, a former pub manager betrayed the trust of his employer by pocketing the wages of ‘ghost employees’, after an investigation into common assault led to the discovery.

Christopher May admitted the £33,000 fraud while managing the Honey Bee pub in Doverdale, claiming wages on behalf staff who had at some time worked at the pub but no longer did.

Sentencing Mr May, Recorder Justin Wigoder, said: “You had a responsible job and you had, self-evidently, the trust of your employer.”

“You began abusing that system, creating what are known as ghost employees, people who weren’t actually working there, pretending they were working there, filling in the wage slips and pocketing the cash. You did that over a lengthy period.”

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