Shoplifting Surge In Aberdeen

Thursday, 12th May 2016 at 8:11am

According to the Press & Journal, a new police report has shown that incidents of common assault in Aberdeen city centre have almost halved in the last five years, but shoplifting has risen dramatically during the same period.

The report stated, “Clothing and cosmetics are the most popular identified items stolen, though thefts of alcohol show significant increase in recent years. Against the five-year average, the 2015/16 increase is 91.4%.”

Infrastructure convener Neil Cooney said, “When it comes to shoplifting, this is a trend all across Scotland where we see organised gangs sometimes stealing to order or others stealing things to sell in pubs to feed their habits.

“It’s important to remember that shoplifting isn’t a victimless crime, it’s the honest shopper who pays with an increase in prices.”

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