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Invoice Fraud Spikes In Summer

The Simply Business website reports that almost 50% of SMEs have fallen victim to invoice fraud over the past 12 months, with summer being a particularly common time for fraudsters to strike, as permanent staff take their holidays, leaving less experienced staff or temps to take care of things .

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Childcare Trust Manager Claimed To Be Doctor

According to a story in the Falkirk Herald, a former service manager at Langlees Aberlour Childcare Trust is facing a disciplinary probe over allegations she falsely claimed to be a doctor.

Susan Stewart ran the Trust’s child and family assessment centre and was also called on by a Scottish Government committee to act as an expert witness.

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Police Winning Shoplifting War

According to the Worksop Guardian, cooperation between police and local businesses – such as high-visibility patrols – was proving effective in the war against shoplifting in the town.

Sergeant Elizabeth Smith, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We work closely with businesses throughout the town on many issues including shoplifting and we are pleased to report that shop theft in Worksop and across Bassetlaw is down significantly on last year.”

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Shoplifting Rockets At Self-Service Tills

According to a piece in The Telegraph, self-service checkout technology helps turn law-abiding shoppers into petty thieves by giving them ‘ready-made excuses’ to take merchandise without paying.

A study carried out by two criminologists from the University of Leicester, found that people who are usually honest resort to theft simply because they can, and do not feel it is as wrong when there is no human interaction.

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Beware Of The Enemy Within

The Darlington & Stockton Times carries a story of how business owners were advised to ‘beware of the enemy within’ at an advice session about suspected fraud and theft.

Experts and Durham police highlighted how organisations may be at risk, particularly by not keeping a grip on access to their finances.

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